Temporary placeholder site

Hi! I am Daenelia and this used to be a place where I wrote about our experiences of playing Guild Wars 2. But we haven't been actively playing for a while now, and since I am not working at keeping this site up to date, I decided to make a slight change to the way I presented the site and the stories.

Changes to Shortcut to Destiny

We will always have the pictures. And I intend to (re)write some of our adventures as a sort of scrapbook online. So it won't disappear completely. Mostly becasue we like having a reminder of our fun times in iSpy, and the land of Tyria. Even if we decide to get back into playing more regularly, I doubt I'd be keeping a blog on our adventures anyway. It's too much work, to be honest.

So thanks for visiting and I hope you have wonderful fun times playing. Or reading the site once it is back up again.

Much love,